Obama Inauguration Irony On Martin Luther King Jr. Day

[Editor's Note: The following post is by TDV Editor, Gary Gibson]

The air is thick with sad ironies today as we remember the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and watch Barack Obama's inauguration just hours after rapper Lupe Fiasco is confronted for criticizing Obama in a pre-inauguration performance. We have a murderous, warmongering and conveniently brown executive's second inauguration being celebrated as the perfect symbol of a day dedicated to a black man who was dedicated to peace and who bravely opposed both state segregation and aggressive foreign war. Meanwhile another black man who rightfully criticizes the warmonger gets the bum's rush. 

While King's politics and ideas about "recompensation" via government redistribution grate on anti-state sensibilities, we laud his non-violent opposition to state-supported racial discrimination. Hey, if you don't want certain people on your property or trading with you commercially, fine, go ahead and discriminate based on their height, weight, ethnicity, accent, body odor or whatever...just don't expect the monopoly on violence known as government, funded by money stolen in the form of taxes, to enforce your policies in other places that aren't your property. 

Our first irony, therefore, is how King, a man of non-violent protest was eager to us the violence of the state to redistribute property to make up for past injustices. King might not have been an out-and-out communist, but he did have that commie flavor to his brand of statism. He was your typical democratic socialist who believed in gentle, "fair" theft and redistribution versus the totalitarian property grab that the hardcore commies love. King did suggest an actual figure for recompensation for past injustice -- i.e. a precise amount of money to steal from living people to correct the wrongs of long dead people -- but his main public opponent was state apartheid. What King fought against peacefully was the state's attempt to proscribe human associations. 

But now we come to what King considered central to his work: his opposition to US imperialism in general and to the war in Vietnam in particular...

...which makes us look at Barack "O'Bomber" sidelong as we watch him continue to wage war all over the Middle East and approve the drone attacks that kill a dozen or so innocents, including small children, for every suspected enemy combatant. Our sidelong look is even longer and more scornful as O'Bomber is sworn in to another round of Chief Murderer and Thief on a bible owned by King. 

Barack O'Bomber is seen by many as the culmination of King's dream. Barack himself is the result of the union of a black person and a white person. And this half-black man is today being sworn in for his second term in the nation's highest political office. To statists and those woefully misguided by racial considerations, there can be no clearer sign that We Have Overcome and America is now a perfect place of equality and peace. Yet this viper of a man is perhaps the most callously murderous psychopath on the planet and the greatest visible threat to liberty the world has ever seen. 

When I last lambasted Obama like this, some semi-literate poster with way too much time on his hands went on at length in my article's comment section about how I was just a mouthpiece for the racist right wing which wants to destroy this (half) black messiah. I'm starting to think Obama could ride through a Pakastani, Yemeni or Iraqi village on a tank, personally shoot most of the adult males in the head, rape several women and sell the children into slavery...and the Obama apologists would still call anyone a racist who questioned Obama's actions.

So let me be clear. I detest all presidents going back to Washington because they are the executive embodiment of aggressive violence known as the state. I hate the comical white hype man to Obomber's psychopathy, Joe Biden. I hate Bush. And Clinton. I hate the double-talking Reagan. The only presidents more deserving of scorn than Obama are FDR and Lincoln...but Obama is especially dangerous because he commands the most money, the biggest army ever and the most devastating weapons. Obama's is also the perfect skin in which political evil could dwell because that skin is a mocha color that allows honest and moral criticism to be dismissed as irrational hateful racism. Well played, Evil. Well played. 

But sometimes criticism does manage to slip through in the damnedest ways...like, say, when another black man is called upon to entertain for Obama's inauguration and then proceeds to criticize the president as a hypocrite and warmonger. I have no idea which organizer thought it was a good idea to have hip hop artist Lupe Fiasco perform at the pre-inauguration event on Sunday. Maybe they figured, "Hey, this guy is black and has a reputation as being intelligent and somewhat radical...He'll be the perfect act for our leftist crowd of dreadlocked white college students, welfare recipients and Hollywood elite!" I guess they didn't check Lupe's lyrics that closely:

I really think the war on terror is a buncha' bullshit
Just a poor excuse for you to use up all yo' bullets
How much money does it take to really make a full clip?
9/11 Building Seven did they really pull it?


Limbaugh is a racist
Glenn Beck is a racist
Gaza Strip was gettin' bombed, Obama didn't say shit

(I highly recommend you check out the excellent video and song that features these lyrics.)

According to concert organizers, Lupe was not forced off the stage, but left of his own volition after the organizers interrupted what they called a "repetative and jarring" performance on Lupe's part. You can see the video footage of what went down in the following clip.


But what did they really expect from a man who in a 2011 interview said:

"The biggest terrorist is Obama and the United States of America. I'm trying to fight the terrorism that's actually causing the other forms of terrorism...The foreign policies that we have in place in different countries that inspire people to become terrorists."

Testify, Lupe! By the way, King himself would agree. After all, he said of American militarism in his day that the US government was "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world." King might have been mildly tickled that a (half) black man had been elected president, but he would have been disgusted that this man continued the policies of US imperialism and murder that King said were poisoning America's soul. I like to think that King would have wanted to shake Lupe's hand and cross the street to avoid drone-happy Obama who really is nothing more than the latest imperialist mass murderer in a long line of imperialist mass murderers.

We'd like to shake hands with Lupe, too. In fact, we would like to announce that an offer for asylum and good times in Acapulco is officially and perpetually extended to Lupe. We'd like to see you other TDVers make it down to TDV Central in Acapulco, too. In fact, we'd like to help find you your ideal place in some other part of the world that isn't the US! That's why we set up the TDV Groups all around the world for our subscribers. The Groups are a great way to get some "boots on the ground" info on places you may be considering escaping to from freedom-loving people who are already living there. Like I mentioned, it's a free service available only to our subscribers. But you can find out more about becoming a subscriber here.


Gary Gibson

Editor, The Dollar Vigilante