The Weekend Vigilante February 9, 2013

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Hello from sunny Nassau, Bahamas,

I realize that many of you are reading this from underneath a few feet of snow... or perhaps you are in Europe or places like Vancouver, with overcast skies and a grey view, so I hate to tell you about my current view.  But, as I look out over the azure waters and clear blue skies it reminds me of why I love being in tropical climates: the colors.

Perhaps one of the most colorful places I've ever been is in Nassau where not only the water, sky and wildlife are colorful but also the architecture.

Also, being here has also reminded me of why I think travel is so important to having a realistic worldview.  Surely, you are not getting the entire picture of what is happening on CNN or Faux News.  Even if they weren't just trying to paint the most dire and dark view of the world to scare you into staying in your recliner and never leaving your home they still could never give you the intimate details and tidbits that seeing things with your own eyes and hearing from local people can.

Aside from attending the Global Financial Summit, I've spent some time with friend, Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network.  He chose not to pay the outrageous amounts at the Atlantis hotel (I just ordered a basic spaghetti and meatballs from room service for $30 - and that is before all the taxes, the $4 delivery charge and the obligatory 15% gratuity) and stayed a bit farther out at the Sheraton where, according to him, his view is of a concentration camp.

Here are some of his comments:

"The Chinese are building a $2.6 billion hotel casino – Baha Mar. The project seems to be economically unviable. Is the real purpose to colonize the Bahamas, stash money out of the reach of the Communist Party, establish a forward operating base for a future conflict with the US or all of the above? We’re not sure, but they shipped in 5,000-plus Chinese workers who are living on the site, in temporary housing that’s fenced in. Some might call it a concentration camp. It is disturbing that such a workers’ paradise just sprang up so close to the US."

On the lighter side, he also snapped this photo for us:

Some commentators like to point out that the amount of places popping up worldwide offering to buy your gold is sign of a top in the gold market.  They've got it exactly wrong though.  When shops are popping up all over the place offering to sell gold, and the lines go around the block, that will be near the top in the market.  All this shows is that many economies are doing poorly, mostly due to government intervention, taxes and central bank inflation, and people are having to sell family heirlooms to get cash to survive.  And, with this particular shop, it may also show that customized gold teeth are an "in" thing in the Bahamas.

Speaking of the government making everyone poorer, have you heard that the cheapest plan that will be offered, and mandatory, under the upcoming Obamacare debacle will cost $20,000 per year per family?


Speaking of the USSA, one of the biggest defences that patriotic Americans have that the US will not turn into a dictatorial police state that will start just outright killing its own tax slaves is that the police and army will not turn on their own people.

Well, it's already happening.  Soon after Christopher Jordan Dorner killed a few police officers the LAPD went on a bloodthirsty rampage.  Of course, every few hours in Chicago someone gets shot and the most that happens is the police come by a few hours later and write down what happened.  But, when a cop is killed, it's time to stop everything else and get a full blown manhunt going!

They knew that Dorner, a 270-lb black man, owned a Nissan Titan pickup truck with license plates of 8D83987 or 7X09131.  So, in their rampage, many cops just starting shooting up any Nissan Titan they saw.  Including this one that wounded the two unarmed Asian women inside who were delivering newspapers.

TV news stations in LA were even warning people not to drive pick up trucks in LA and to obey all traffic laws or risk being shot by police.

As TDV correspondent Pete Kofod pointed out in his excellent article, "The Rise of the Praetorian Class", many police in the US now see themselves as being different from "us".  In fact, and as we have pointed out here in the past, you should never call the police in the US under almost any circumstance. Usually what will happen is you will be the one attacked or imprisoned, as this woman found out this week.

Is it any wonder that, for the first time ever, the majority of US citizens now view the US government as a threat to their personal rights?

The other 43% have just yet to see the reality.


Galt's Gulch Chile (GGC) has been the talk of the conference here... especially because there are a lot of 'Objectivists', followers of Ayn Rand's philosophies.  The general talk with almost everyone who lives in the US is that they are all making plans to get out.  And I don't blame them.

Ken Johnson, is the managing director of GGC and he recently sent this update on the GGC Facebook page:

"The lots, roads, lakes and community amenities of Galt's Gulch Chile are currently being laid out by the architecture and engineering team. The on-site sales office is being retrofitted with solar panels and upgraded a bit inside and out, with a proposed opening sometime in March. Our Santiago office should be open sometime in the next two weeks as well. We look forward to getting in contact with everyone and meeting you down in Chile!"

We've already had dozens of people come down and see the property... all with rave reviews.  You can keep up-to-date on GGC's Facebook page (just click "like" to add it to your newsfeed)... and to be on the GGC mailing list, just visit  As Ken pointed out, we're almost fully up and running now and will soon be scheduling tour dates - although you are welcome to email us through the site and visit on your own.

He also uploaded some new pictures of the property and the surrounding areas to the Facebook page, like the one below taken on the property.


Also at the conference here in the Bahamas is good friend Bobby Casey, the event founder and organizer for the Global Escape Hatch.  He's been filling me in on dozens of items related to offshore banking, tax planning and offshore corporations that were all news to me.  He even told a doctor from Wisconsin, over drinks, how he could reduce his taxes, all legally, by a very substantial amount just by organizing his affairs differently.  These are the kinds of things you can learn about at the conference coming up in Belize that I'll be attending from March 6-10 in Ambergris Caye.  

He also tells me the conference is nearly sold out and will definitely be sold out in the next few weeks so if you've been considering getting away from winter to a tropical caye and learning how to deslave yourself, this may be your last chance for a while.  You can check it out and register here.


Barring any problems on my connecting flight through Miami tomorrow I should be reporting to you from the beach in Acapulco, Mexico next week.  I have three flights to get home which means likely taking off my belt at least three times tomorrow and getting at least one patdown.  In a free world, coming home from a trip where I was de-belted and sexually massaged numerous times would be a happy story well worth chatting about over a few beers with friends... not so much in today's world.